Renewable Energy Solutions

The determination of supplying power, heating and lighting from renewable alternatives is inevitable. Even Government driven measures to slash CO2 emissions from fossil fuels reinforce the need of technologies which are been innovated on an ever-increasing tempo.

Our Renewable division offer a full design installation and maintenance service in domestic environments to large scale Industrial, Commercial & Retail operations solutions:

  • Solar panels (Photovoltaic-PV)
  • Solar Thermal
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points
  • Air & Ground source heating
  • LED & Lighting Solutions
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Variable speed Drives
  • Energy Measurements

Solar Panels & Battery Storage:

We are drawing attention to the importance of a structural survey where the solar PV is to be installed on roofs. with this in mind, we have a fully accredited structural survey contractor who will give you piece of mind that the designed solar PV installation is guarantee, of a competently and professionally carried out installation. All of the installation work is carried out by B2 Energy team. Clients also have confidence that we are accredited under the Micro-Generation Certificate Scheme (MCS) which facilities the contribution of the feed in tariff “FIT”

Another alternative is to store the power that you are generating from your solar PV system which you can use during the night. By a battery strogesystem which can be fitted to an existing system or be incorporated in a new installation.

EV Charging Points:

Due to the increasing number of vehicle manufactures now developing electric vehicles in the market, and to facilitate this ever-growing demand, local and commercial establishments have been actively pursuing a scheme of installing charging points. B2’s Electrical team will be able to design and install EV points to arrange of our customers from a single dwelling upwards.

Air Source Heat Pumps:

This heating arrangement is usually placed outdoor either at the side or back of the property, which extracts heat out of the surrounding air and increases it to a higher temperature using the heat pump. This is then used to heat underfloor heating, radiators. Also, warm air convectors and hot water in your property.

The pump uses electricity; however, the idea is that the heat pump uses less Electrical energy than the heat is produced.

We also install ground source heating is available. This principle is that heat is drawn from the ground through a network of pipes which have been buried underground which is normally in the garden

 Ground source Heat Pumps:

How a ground source operates, by buried pipes in the ground to extract the heat, these pipes can be buried in two way vertically or horizontally (Bore holes) the extracted heat can then be used to heat underfloor heating, radiators. Also, warm air convectors and hot water in your property.

Pipework in the ground is in a “Ground Loop” which stays constant throughout the year, by using a compressor which raises the temperature, then it can be utilised to:

  • Heat water
  • Heating systems

The water returns back into the ground where it is transferred back into the ground. Heating pumps have some impact on the environment as electricity is used, however the heat extracted from the ground, air or water is constantly been renewed naturally. Wi each Kw of electricity used the heat, pump can produce 3-4 Kw of heat providing the quality of design and installation are the up to date standard.